Food Photography Case Study

Featured Client: The Essential Baking Company

A Seattle institution for almost 25 years, The Essential Baking Company offers an expansive selection of artisan breads, baked goods, and hand-crafted treats. Although many know Essential Baking for its neighborhood bakeries, it additionally provides tasty creations to grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, schools, and hospitals throughout the region. In its quarter century tenure, The Essential Baking Company had never collaborated with an external agency for photography before Fall 2018 when Holstein Studios captured the visual story of this celebrated local brand.

Seattle Product Photography Studio

Project Objectives

The Essential Baking Company is a deeply-trusted local brand that evokes warmth and nostalgia. Holstein Studios sought to highlight handcrafted recipes and kitchen-made creations that align with the brand’s story and history.

Aside from inspiring homemade recipes using Essential Baking products, Holstein Studios was also tasked with capturing the brand’s newly-minted Gluten-Free and Take-and-Bake packaging.

Seattle Food Photography Studio
Seattle Food Photographer


The Essential Baking Company got its start in a neighborhood bakery nestled in Wallingford (which lives on today!). The brand is deeply experienced in providing stock for beloved family recipes through everything from artisan baguettes to sliced loaves to rolls and buns. Newly-debuted Take-and-Bake and Gluten-Free packaging provided an opportunity to showcase these loaves as the star of home-cooked recipes that locals love, ranging from bruschetta to French Toast to stuffing.

Photography was captured in a kitchen setting to emphasize the brand’s deep connection to home-cooked recipes throughout the region and pairings with Northwest product and ingredients.